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L.I.P.S. – ASA Lecture Series (1981)

The American School of Apathy Presents The False Gods and Pagan Idols Lecture Series Sponsored by the Institute of Interdisciplinary Indifference PART 1 – Creation of the World Seminar WHEN: Whenever WHERE: Everywhere TUITION: 2 hours of credibility and blind faith, bordering on acute naivete. DESCRIPTION: The Evolutionists had their say; now it’s time for […]

L.I.P.S. – American School of Apathy (1981)

The American School of Apathy presents THE INSTITUTE OF INTERDISCIPLINARY INDIFFERENCE As you know, the American School of Apathy is a unique educational institution dedicated to the proposition that knowledge is not only boring, but downright dangerous. I mean, do you really want to know what’s going on in the world? Of course not! It’ll […]