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World Humor Crisis Declared

A STRAIGHT FROM THE L.I.P.S. REPORT “WORLD HUMOR CRISIS DECLARED!” “Scientists agree…humanity’s greatest natural resource is drying up, shortage anticipated.” “Bad laughing habits, media gag guzzlers and wasteful wit blamed for satiric shortfall.” If the above headlines look all too familiar to you, you’ve probably grown as weary as we have about the alleged  “Comedy […]

L.I.P.S. gets PO ‘d!!!

That’s right gang. America’s smallest circulation newspaper is growing by leaps and bounds. Not only have we gone nationwide (with readers from New York to California) but our European circulation has literally doubled (from 2 readers to 4). And now, if that weren’t enough, L.I.P.S. has finally acquired its very own P.O. Box. Yes indeedy […]

L.I.P.S. Listens to the World (1980)

Look, up in the sky! That’s it, stare as hard as you can. Bet you can’t see them. And yet, they’re there. Millions of them. And they’re comin’ right at you. Comin’on strong. Coming through your hearth and home by the megabunch every second. What are they? Radio waves. So what, you say? So this […]

Come Again?!

Want to buy in on some more life? You know, pick up a few extra months here, stash an extra year or two there…maybe even get ringside seats for the year 2000 (just to be safe?) Don’t think twice. It’s all but downright impossible to get guaranteed-anything anymore. Lay out all the cash you can […]

L.I.P.S. – Tabula Rasa (1982)

LIPS presents America’s first NO NEWS NEWSPAPER! THE TABULA RASA Enclosed is your complimentary copy of America’s most innovative, easy to read, universally appealing newspaper. THE TABULA RASA (it means blank tablet in Latin) will never upset you, never depress you, never stimulate, aggravate or irritate you. Why? Because TABULA RASA contains nothing! As you […]