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Vote For My Guys

Let me make your mind up for you. Why think for yourself when there is someone clever like me to do it for you? Why waste time and effort on thoughts when you can be doing something else that you enjoy more? Are you thinking about voting in the next election? Don’t bother, just… Vote […]

Buy the Lady a Beer (2001)

In an academically earnest review of an album of Latvian beer songs (‘Alus Dziesmas’ 2001) that appeared in , the reviewer was offended by the fact that the musicians seemed to have imbibed in the beverage that they were singing about. In effect, she thought they were good musicians, but drunk and ethnically undignified. […]

Auld Clootie (1976?)

Auld Clootie at OSCO DRUG, INC. I circulated this memo somewhere around 1976  in the offices of Osco Drug, Inc. OSCO DRUG, INC, Executive Offices 1818 Swift Drive, Oak Brook, Illinois 6052 Area Code 312 After 9 months of intensive investigation the Osco security force has finally pinpointed the evil demon who has been behind […]

The Story of Bruce the Log

Bruce the Log In 1974 I got my first desk job after graduating from college. I had worked as a construction laborer since getting my Philosophy Degree but finally landed a job in the advertising department of a discount store chain in Chicago called Turn*Style. I started off as a production assistant for a catalog […]