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Sometimes it grows on you (2010)

The Times Online ran an editorial on their comment page on March 4 where they encouraged fellow Brits to welcome the new wave of Latvian economic migrants with open arms. Said The Times, “We should welcome Latvians warmly for all that they have contributed to the world, and for what they might, therefore, contribute to […]

The Returning (NATO Summit 2006)

The returning (I used a metaphor from my Glaciers article to develop this copy for the program that was used at the Gala Concert, attended by NATO heads of state at the 2006 NATO Summit in Riga) Long before there were Latvians, there was a land covered by ice. When the ice melted and the […]

Capitalizing on Riga (2009)

Don’t expect Riga to be completed if it becomes a European Capital of Culture in 2014. According to legend, Riga can never be ‘finished’, or it will sink to the bottom of the Daugava River. But you can expect the unexpected in 2014. That’s because Riga’s successful candidacy for this prestigious honour was based on […]

How to become a Latvian (2009)

I recently met a Swiss artist who wants to become a Latvian. Being an artist, however, he wants to do more than just become a Latvian. He wants to study the process, find out what it means (and whether it can be done), and then present his findings to the world. As Ruedi Schorno explained […]

There’s something about Riga

(I was asked to write something to welcome participants to the Golden Hammer Awards ceremonies in Riga. This appeared in the welcoming newspaper. ) The Livs created a settlement here. Rumour has it the Celts did too. The Vikings stopped here on their way down to Constantinople. The German Crusaders liked it so much they […]