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The Wild Blue Yonder (Aug. 2010)

Most people don’t know that Latvia has mountains and even fewer know that they are blue. Actually, Latvia has several “Blue Mountains” on its landscape and even a popular play called “Blue Mountain Marta”. But only  one of Latvia’s “blue mountains” can be seen from distant Estonia and is located in the SlÄ«tere National Park, […]

See It, Believe It (July 2010)

A few years ago the Latvian Tourism Development Agency ran a promotional campaign called “You Won’t Believe it Until You See It!”, which talked about such things as blue cows, flying people and extraordinary singers. If that campaign were still up and running today, the number one topic would no doubt be the turn-around of […]

The Day the Sun Stands Still (June 2010)

Each year, toward the end of June, the sun stands still in Latvia. Actually, it stands still everywhere in the world because that’s what solstice means in Latin – the moment when the sun stops moving in one direction and starts moving in another. What the rest of the world doesn’t know is that the […]

Why the Land that Sings is Best Enjoyed Slowly (2010)

Here’s a word of advice to any tourist toying with the thought of visiting Latvia. All the really great experiences you can have in this country are best enjoyed slowly. That’s the general opinion of most people who live in Latvia, and that seems to be the consensus among international travellers, which explains why Latvia’s […]

Exporting Success (2010)

During Latvia’s boom years, our exports never exceeded imports. Last year, during the peak of the economic crisis, they did. What gives? A look at some of our top exporting companies offers some surprising clues. At the end of 2009, 29 highly successful and respected Latvian companies competed for top prizes in the annual Latvian […]