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Turn Again (LÄ«go) (2007)

The most “Latvian” songs in all recorded history are sung around bonfires on the nights of Jāņi and LÄ«go during the Midsummer Solstice. They cannot be translated, for as the poet Imants Ziedonis has theorized, its often the sounds of the words and the vibrations they release in your body as you sing them, that […]

Awesome Entirety (2004)

The awesome entirety has got me the endless all has got me in its spell the thing of things and all their rings and all the wonder wonder brings just beats my heart and makes me feel just swell Hey, I ride the rails of the awesome entirety hitching a ride on the all in […]

A Man of Principles (2004)

I am a man of principles I am a man of my word Come gather round and listen to the things you’ve never heard Come look at all my principles I’ll defend them to the end But if circumstances change again, I’ll gladly make them bend You can do a lot with principles You can […]

I’m Grateful (2000)

I’m grateful to the gods that be for being somewhere near to me I thank the heavens for the time they waste on this mere mortal I count my lucky stars at night for showing me a useful light I just don’t know the reason why they shine so I can see them I know […]

The Marching Song (1999)

Its time to go to battle, the trumpets have been sounded unsheath your sword, adjust your shield and march march into the face of those that doubt you march into the glare of hostile fire march along with others who surround you march alone armed solely with desire march the paths that others trod before […]