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Half a Songwriter (Explaining songwriting)

I’ve always liked the way words sound together, especially when accompanied by music. I can thank Bob Dylan for this because despite the valiant efforts of my high school English lit teachers, I never appreciated poetry until I first heard ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ on the radio. I studied Dylan’s lyrics much more earnestly than Shakespeare’s, […]

Never Say Goodbye (1999)

We raise a glass to friendship and drink it to the last we make a toast and a dozens boasts about our noble pasts about our noble pasts Let’s say it again before we go Let’s play it again before we go Let’s give it all another try before we say our last goodbye We […]

My father’s saxophone (2000)

They talked about their yesterdays and a homeland far away, They huddled in the barracks and had nothing good to say. They thought about the days gone by and every snap shot made them cry; When my father played the saxophone, they danced. They rummaged through their memories of lives they left behind, They tried […]

Globalisation shoes (2002)

I get the globalisation blues When I read the globalisation news Don’t know which globalisation to choose So many globalisation shoes In Europe they follow the laws that they got from their ma’s and their pa’s The Yankees left home to be free, so Marines could be all they could be In Islam they follow […]

Think of Me (1999)

The sky descends in darkness as clouds block out the sun The end he always feared appears to have at last begun. The hope he found is nearly lost and nothing can replace it Think of me I am your father, We have been through this before We have been through  this and more from […]