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Side Jobs

SIDE JOBS Subconscious art from conferences, seminars, meetings, hearings, gatherings, and other over-the-table get-togethers. It’s generally called doodling, and that’s what this stuff is I guess, almost all of it created while sitting at a table and listening to others talk. I find that I focus better on what is being said if I shut […]


No 2008. gada 4. – 26. novembrim programma “IespÄ“jamā misija” piedāvāja pasākumu sÄ“riju Latvijas augstskolās, kur uz atklātu sarunu ar profesionāļiem tika aicināti piedalÄ«ties studenti un tie, kas nesen beiguÅ¡i augstskolu. TikÅ¡anās reizÄ“s ar dažādu nozaru lÄ«deriem bija iespÄ“ja uzzināt par akualitātÄ“m un karjeras iespÄ“jām savā jomā, kā arÄ« uzzināt par programmu. download free wordpress […]

Autobuss DebesÄ«s – Kā gan tu nezināji

Grupa: Autobuss Debesīs Albums: Domā par mani Dziesma: Kā gan tu nezināji download free wordpress themes

The Story of Bruce the Log

Bruce the Log In 1974 I got my first desk job after graduating from college. I had worked as a construction laborer since getting my Philosophy Degree but finally landed a job in the advertising department of a discount store chain in Chicago called Turn*Style. I started off as a production assistant for a catalog […]

L.I.P.S. – American School of Apathy (1981)

The American School of Apathy presents THE INSTITUTE OF INTERDISCIPLINARY INDIFFERENCE As you know, the American School of Apathy is a unique educational institution dedicated to the proposition that knowledge is not only boring, but downright dangerous. I mean, do you really want to know what’s going on in the world? Of course not! It’ll […]