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A Foreign Country for 90 Years (Jan 2011)

You probably don’t have a ‘policy’ toward foreigners. Most people don’t.  We just deal with ‘em as we meet them. If you live in a city like London or New York it feels like everyone is a foreigner. Them or us in an ethnic sense doesn’t mean much in a melting pot; we all become […]

The Ongoing Latvian Saga (Nov 2010)

Back in 2008 I edited the revised and expanded translation of Uldis Germanis’ legendary history of Latvia, “The Latvian Saga”. Since Germanis had written the book in 1959 from Sweden and the story stopped with the Soviet occupation of Latvia during World War II, I wrote several additional chapters for this new edition to bring […]

Our Biggest Dreams (Nov 18, 2010)

In Latvia, we celebrate the anniversary of our independence by laying flowers at the foot of our biggest dreams. We pay homage to a past that seems larger than life and is no doubt both worse and better than it really was. The truth of Then comes to life in the conviction of the Now. […]

World Humor Crisis Declared

A STRAIGHT FROM THE L.I.P.S. REPORT “WORLD HUMOR CRISIS DECLARED!” “Scientists agree…humanity’s greatest natural resource is drying up, shortage anticipated.” “Bad laughing habits, media gag guzzlers and wasteful wit blamed for satiric shortfall.” If the above headlines look all too familiar to you, you’ve probably grown as weary as we have about the alleged  “Comedy […]

Chopping wood, making politics (Oct 2010)

I have concluded that Latvia is the best place in the world to chop wood. I can’t prove it, but that doesn’t diminish my intense passion, conviction, and addiction to the art of slamming an axe into a load of logs and turning it all into firewood. If you sit at a keyboard or tap […]