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Is Globalized Electioneering the New Normal?

One of the ironies of globalization (the natural phenomenon, not the ideology) is that many who seemingly oppose it are themselves inadvertently furthering it. Since the advent of the Westphalian nation state it has been a mantra of traditional statesmanship that “we don’t comment on or interfere in another country’s internal affairs.” Interference, of course […]

The Joy of Being Kindled and Spotified

(Contemplations on content and context) Kindle and Spotify are my best friends. They are my favorite digital apps because they bring me two of my favorite things in life: words and music. I have turned to literature and music all my life for inspiration, comfort, edification, and pleasure. I loved books and records, not as […]

Globalism vs Nationalism?

Globalism vs Nationalism? Not necessarily. We each define these terms as we see fit, but in my worldview they can be complimentary concepts rather than conflicting ones. I am a Latvian nationalist by conviction and profession but I see it in terms of protecting and preserving a culture, language, and traditions in the historical territory […]

Why deviants of the world will never unite

Why deviants of the world will never unite Frank Zappa once said that the world cannot progress without deviation. That’s why deviants are so necessary. One can quibble over the definition of “progress” but if you replace it with the word “change”, then Zappa’s judgement seems to ring universally true. The world cannot change without […]

I am gonna study war some more.

Unlike the weather, everybody not only talks about war, but many actually do something about it. Some start them, others try to end them, and over the centuries mankind has devised all kinds of rules and regulations in a desperate attempt to control them. I’ve been invited by the UK Parliament to participate in a […]